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Fajar Adil Oka Masri Iyah Faniyah H. Ferdi Ferdi


Consumer  protection  law  is  a  part  of  consumer  law  which  contains regulatory principles and also contains characteristics that protect the interests of consumers.  Consumer  law  can  be  defined  as  the  overall  principles  and  rules governing the relationship and problems with the provision and use of goods and / or services between providers and users in social life. This type of research is a descriptive analytic study. The approach used is a  normative  juridical  approach  which  is  supported  by  an  empirical  juridical approach,  the  data  used  are  secondary  data  as  the  main  data  with  primary  data as  supporting  data  collected  through  library  research  and  field  studies  with interview  techniques.  The  data  is  then  analyzed  qualitatively  and  presented  in  a qualitative descriptive form.

Based  on  the  results  of  the  research,  it  can  be  concluded  that:  1)  Legal protection  for  consumers is  any  effort  that  ensures  legal  certainty  to  provide protection  to  consumers  and  is  expected  to  be  used  as  a  bulwark  to  eliminate arbitrary  actions  that  harm  business  actors  only  for  the  sake  of  consumer protection. Authority will result in legal uncertainty. consumer protection has not been carried out by business actors properly, does not have a permit by the health office and does not have a good standard of treatment. 2) The supervision of the Nagari  Surantih  Government  on  the  protection  of  traditional medicine  has  been carried  out  by  monitoring  and  observing  if  there  are  violations  committed  by traditional  medical  services.  However,  the  weakness  of  the  government  does  not cover it and forces traditional medicine practitioners to quickly obtain permits so that  the  treatment  has  the  correct  standard  of  treatment  from  the  local  health office. 3) Traditional medicine is very beneficial  for the community because with the existence of traditional medicine, the community can seek treatment at a very cheap  costand  it  has  been  proven  that  the  treatment  is  effective  and  the ingredients  used  are  very  safe,  but  the  impact  also  exists  like  the  case  described above  where  the  patient  /  sufferer  feels  the  treatment  that  was  carried  out  made the disease develop and evenfelt other diseases as wel.

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OKA MASRI, Fajar Adil; FANIYAH, Iyah; FERDI, H. Ferdi. PERLINDUNGAN HUKUM TERHADAP KONSUMEN DALAM PRAKTIK PENGOBATAN TRADISIONAL TANPA IZIN DI NAGARI SURANTIH KECAMATAN SUTERA KABUPATEN PESISIR SELATAN. UNES Journal of Swara Justisia, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 4, p. 377-391, jan. 2021. ISSN 2579-4914. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 16 may 2021. doi:


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